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Primera B Metropolitana is one of two professional leagues that form the third level of the Argentine football league system. The division is made up of 17 clubs mainly from the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area, Greater Buenos Aires.

Originally created as the second division, it became the third level after a restructuring of the system in 1985 that ended with the creation of Primera B Nacional, set as the second division since then.

The other league at level three is the Torneo Federal A, where teams from regional leagues take part.


Established in 1899, the Primera B (originally named "Segunda División") was the first second division championship in Argentine football. Some of the teams participating were youth or reserve teams of Primera División clubs. Since 1906, a promotion and relegation system was established. Porteño would be the first club to achieve promotion under those rules.

In 1911, the Association created the "División Intermedia" as a second level of Argentine football pyramid, therefore the Segunda División became the third division of the system. Three years later, San Lorenzo de Almagro promoted to Primera División after beating Honor y Patria. Tournaments organised by dissident Asociación Amateurs (AAm) were named "Extra". When both associations, AAm and AFA merged in 1926, from the 1927 season, the Segunda División was set as the second level, and Intermedia the third.

In 1986 the Argentine Association created the Primera B Nacional with the purpose of allowing clubs throughout Argentina to play official competitions. Primera B Nacional became the second division of Argentine football while Primera B was set as the third division, being also renamed "Primera B Metropolitana" due to it was contested by teams from the Buenos Aires metropolitan area (including Greater Buenos Aires).

Primera B Metropolitana has received several names since its inception in 1899 as the second division of Argentine football. The following charts describe the changes made to the division since its creation: