Chinese Volleyball Super League, often abbreviated to CVL (abbreviation remain unchanged), are the pre-eminent men's and women's professional volleyball leagues in China. It was founded in 1996 as the Chinese Volleyball League and is organized by the Chinese Volleyball Association (CVA), operating with IRENA Group. The league was rebranded to the Chinese Volleyball Super League when it became fully professional in 2017. The champions qualify for the Asian Men's and Women's Club Volleyball Championships.

The women's league of this season (2018/19) starts in November and ends in March of the following year, while the men's league starts in October and ends in February of the following year, lasting for about four months. The league is divided into four stages: the first two stages normally called the "Regular Season", and the last two stages called the "Playoffs".

The number of teams has increased from 12 to 14 since the 2017/18 season, for both men's and women's leagues.